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Ayr Student Film Festival - By Students, For Students

The Ayr Student Film Festival was conceived as way to create an environment of co-operation amongst local creative media communities to support the growth and development of professionals, students and regional projects.

Hosting our first event in 2022 to great success, ASFF hope to build upon this in 2023 and provide filmmakers from the UWS student body with a platform to showcase their talents to industry professionals, have their great work seen in front of a live audience, and experience their first steps into the film festival world without pressures.

Our film festival offers free entries, an array of prizes, the opportunity to take part in Q and A sessions, and the chance to have your film seen by industry experts. We hope that this will provide students and UWS alumni with a safe and fun environment to begin having their work shown to the wider world outside of the University ecosystem.

We work in partnership with the Ayr Film Society, UWS Creative Media Academy and the UWS Union, without whom this festival would not be possible. Please take the time to check our partner section on the website.

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Where and when is the event taking place

The second annual Ayr Student Film Festival will take place at Ayr Town Hall, New Bridge Street, Ayr, KA7 1JX, on Saturday 30th September 2023 from 1pm until 6pm

How do I purchase tickets

Tickets are available on the door for general admission, and anyone is welcome. Whether you are a fan of film, looking to build your network in the film making community, or simply curious about the event, you are welcome along. UWS students can also purchase tickets in advance via the Student Union website at this link

Who can submit their films for the event

Any UWS student from any course can submit their film, including graduated students. Please indicate on the submission form your student or alumni status and what roles you had on the film

How are films selected

Once nominations close, the submissions will go through two rounds of selection. Firstly, the ASFF Society, made up of UWS students, will view all films and create a shortlist based on the creativity and technical skills displayed. Following this, the ASFF Society Committee will curate the final selections to allow for the maximum number of films to be shown at the event

Will only short films be selected

No, to fully represent the creative abilities of our fellow students we will accept short films, dramas, comedies, documentaries, even music videos - anything creative in video format we will consider for selection, so long as it is within the 2 to 15 minute runtime and other entry requirements found on the homepage. So do not be put off if you think that your work might not be traditionally considered a short film, we want to see it, so please submit it

Why should I submit my film

The festival represents an opportunity for you to have your work seen by a live audience, to receive feedback from a panel made up of professional industry guests, to help you improve upon your work, plus there will be great prizes for our winners. It is a fun experience, without the hurdles or expensive entry fees of other film festivals, this is completely free and open to all

What can I expect as an audience member

First of all, you will see some fantastic films shown in a fun environment. The Town Hall is a beautiful building and the screening experience is brilliant to enjoy from the audience. We will also have industry guests and will be announcing some extra activities for audience alongside screening of the films. Finally, there will be opportunities for networking, and the more people who attend, the wider your scope to meet interesting fellow creatives to work on a project together or just make new friends

Can I help out or get involved in some way

Yes, the film festival is organised by the Ayr Student Film Festival Society. If you are a current UWS student, you can easily join the society through our society member page located here however non-students can also help out, if you are interested please send us an email via

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